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Customer Testimonials

Thanks a million!

I was told that I snore a lot and after trying this product for the first time, my wife was so happy that she asked me to write  a review. I rarely write reviews and this is for real. It works. It REALLY works. Thanks1

Alexandre Lussier
Toronto, ONTARIO

Improved my game

I started using the Saltpipe a few weeks ago and as a frisbee player I have to run quite a bit during the game.  I find that since I have been using the pipe, my endurance has improved a bit and my asthma isn't flaring up during or after the game.  It worked so quickly, I am impressed.  Thanks

Adrianne Szabo, Mississauga, ON


Hi Pal,

Hard to get the kids to do the breathing every night but they seem to be responding to the inhalation.

All the best,

(Boucherville, QC)